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Arundo provides software to enable enterprise-scale machine learning and advanced analytics applications for industrial companies. Arundo’s customers transform their businesses through predictive analytics, a deeper understanding of physical operations, and data-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Built for industrial users, by industrial users. Designed for the digital analytics journey.

Feromihin is a company located in Croatia, Europe specializing in fluid transportation and maintenance systems inside the Oil&Gas industry. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have acquired specific domain knowledge about pipeline systems, materials, challenges, and predictive maintenance. In 2017 it joins a holding group of companies called PICO FLOW CONTROLS and together with a sister software development company Async Labs we have developed our own PIPELINE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PIMS). PIMS is an integrated solution for monitoring all pipeline elements, prediction of corrosion growth, organizing complete pipeline documentation and planing all necessary repairs.

Oil & Gas industry players demand high standards regarding safety and profitability. We help clients throughout the value chain maintain safe, efficient production while controlling costs.

Offshore and onshore production and storage facilities must be safe and resilient. With an eye on safety, companies have to continually innovate and invest in new assets. Meanwhile, aging facilities need to be managed then decommissioned securely and cost-efficiently. All this must be handled while adhering to regulations and protecting the environment. Throughout, businesses strive to maintain profitability by maximizing the reliability of existing facilities, production efficiency.

By offering a uniquely strong presence throughout the lifecycle of an asset, we provide solution-oriented, value-added services both onshore and offshore.

Creating Intelligent Sites – Simple as 1, 2, 3

Creowave C-site is a unique remote monitoring system that provides an easy and modern way to monitor wells and benefit from the real-time data available wherever and whenever you need it.

Our specialists have developed solutions to various challenges in the oil and gas industry. This has lead us to become a market leader in high-reliability subsea electronics.

Over a decade of experience in designing electronics and developing solutions to oil and gas with our partners have given us a steady foothold in the oil market. Over 2 million operating hours without field failures gives us a leader position on providing reliable electronics for subsea installations.  Creowave is the supplier of electronics to MPM multiphase meters. The feedback from and to our partners have solidified our product development process.

IMPROVE SAFETY AND EQUIPMENT UPTIME ACROSS THE OIL AND GAS VALUE CHAIN Cyient offers flexible design solutions at an optimum cost and faster turnaround time that help our customers meet their business objectives consistently and cost-effectively. We enable oil and gas organizations to harness data analytics, IoT, and asset health monitoring for powerful insights across key business areas to increase operational safety, productivity, and reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact. With more than 300 dedicated engineers, we provide product and process engineering solutions to upstream and downstream oil and gas industries, both in greenfield and brownfield projects. Our designs comply with stringent global oil and gas regulatory standards and our first-time-right solutions are tailored for ease of fabrication, taking into account various yard constraints.

Industrial Analytics offers a holistic all-in-one solution from sensor to analytics for industrial processes and rotating equipment such as compressors, turbines and pumps.

  • We digitalize industrial plants within weeks.
  • Works with ANY IoT platform!
  • Customisation and integration for all on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Edge computing for HF acoustics & vibration monitoring 

IPCOS is the leading provider of Digital Oilfield and Advanced Process Control Solutions. The company has its headquarters in Leuven (Belgium) and is active worldwide out of a number of regional offices (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirate, US and India). Over the years, IPCOS has built a strong reputation in various industries such as oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, gas processing, and chemical industries and has become one of the top services providers. Thanks to its upstream and downstream specialists, IPCOS is able to cover the whole value chain, delivering integrated solutions to its customers.

Sophisticated AV Systems for Complex Infrastructures
Oil & Gas AV systems share audio, video and data over high-speed networks and allow direct instant communication on a local and global scale. A well-designed AV system with reliable Lightware devices contribute to productivity, seamless communications, manage signals in real-time monitoring and provide local conferencing systems. High-resolution video helps with the accuracy of data interpretation, video conferencing provides virtual meeting environments and real-time data sharing makes work processes efficient, and help in finding the optimal solutions for arising problems in the shortest time.

Boosting Communication and Control Efficiency
An AV system can greatly enhance the feed of information, which results in better operations, and in speeding up the evaluation of situations, leading to rapid decision making.

Selecting the Best Technology for the Purpose
An oil rig is a costly installation, once established, it needs to be managed, controlled and operated at the highest levels of environmental and personal safety and efficiency, which calls for sophisticated and reliable technology. A complex system infrastructure like this has a lot of endpoints in an AV application, for which Lightware’s 25G Hybrid router, populated with HDBaseT boards, offers the world’s largest CAT cable-based switching plane. Another obvious option is UBEX, the next-generation optical extender unit with Full 4K capabilities, which can form a virtually unlimited sized matrix with the use of a standard Ethernet switch as a virtual crosspoint.

Predicting to protect the industrial world.
MiraEx solutions allow you to make data-driven maintenance decisions, reducing costs and optimizing productivity.

Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. The company provides sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry. Our portfolio of sensors provides accurate, real-time data for weather-sensitive operations offshore, as well as offering input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring. The primary applications of Miros sensors include wave and current monitoring and oil spill detection. 

MultiTech designs and manufactures broadband cellular LTE devices including Cat-M/NB-IoT and CBRS Private-LTE, and LoRaWAN connectivity platforms for the industrial IoT, connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver digital transformation.

MultiTech provides connectivity options for up-, mid- and downstream operations. Whether monitoring a well, a pipeline or a refinery, governments around the world are in agreement that understanding exactly what’s happening in the production and distribution of oil & gas is of paramount importance both for global continuity of energy production as well as for environmental protection. As critical infrastructure, it is exceedingly important to protect this process from digital interference from those with technical know-how and malicious intent. With a range of connectivity options to choose from, MultiTech helps owner/operators/OEMs optimize operations from the field to the pump.

Unlocking innovation.

NetFoundry is not here to build a better network. NetFoundry is here to get the network out of your way. To flip networking from being an innovation barrier to being an innovation enabler. Trying to shoehorn modern applications into legacy networking constructs restricts your ability to innovate. There are two main innovation barriers: configuration and centralization. NetFoundry uniquely combines Connectivity-as-Code and Network-as-a-Service to address those barriers, enabling you to innovate.

OPC is the most widely adopted interoperability standard for secure, reliable and platform-independent information exchange in the world, with over 610 OPC Foundation members and thousands of OPC-compliant products.

OPC Foundation members vary greatly, from small system integrators to the world’s largest automation and industrial suppliers. This directory provides access to member information and products.

Boost Productivity, Quality, and Safety

Parsable empowers industrial workers with modern digital tools to improve productivity, quality, and safety. With the Parsable Connected Worker Platform, companies gain unprecedented insight into human work by capturing essential data to improve their operations.

With the many challenges associated with keeping an oil and gas facility in perfect shape, many operators look for a dedicated, flexible and experienced engineering partner. Ramboll has worked steadily alongside North Sea operators in the British, Danish and Norwegian sector since the 1970s. Since the 1990s we have also executed both small-scale and large-scale projects for clients in the Gulf of Mexico and Qatar. And from 2008 and onwards, our portfolio includes small and medium scale projects in Abu Dhabi. 

In recent years, our portfolio has extended to encompass EPC type contracts where we team up with partners to manage construction and offshore manpower, making a smooth transition from engineering to installation and operation. 

  • Early phase studies and detailed design for greenfield projects 
  • Platform design 
  • Experts within lifetime extension and modification 
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Responsible decommissioning
  • True Digital Twins

Optimizing processes in gas infrastructures through IoT, AI Software & Blockchain.

Focused on gas transport and distribution, we have specific technical knowledge in gas infrastructures, as we rely on a benchmark in the sector such as Spanish TSO Enaga?s.

We develop models based on AI algorithms hosted in the cloud and combine real-time processing and predictive analytics, revolutionizing the current way of monitoring and managing the measurement process, enabling the proactive resolution of events.

Our solution, Neptuno, is composed of:

  • Data Acquisition System, which can rely on two complementary strategies, connecting a SEA- brick, a plug & play IoT device, ready to communicate with measuring instruments or collecting the information from SCADA.
  • Modular platform, main features:
    • Digitalization & Measurement health
    • Validation, Substitution & Balances based on AI
    • Analytics & Reporting
    • Forecasting based on AI

Ready to apply pain relievers (less time, money and effort), reduction of unaccounted-for gas, O&M cost savings, more reliability and granularity with the digitalized data, demand forecasting or specific anti-Tampering solution.

Ready to apply gain creators, real time dashboards, On-line reports, Data-Driven Decision Making (reduce risks) or a solution-sharing collaborative environment for different departments and their experts.

Machine Learning Solutions for Oil and Gas operators.

Harness the power of Industrial IoT data to improve production and reduce downtime.

Though already a highly automated and connected industry, oil and gas enterprises today continue to be challenged with a deluge of data from their instrumented assets. So how do companies turn that around to make this onslaught of information instrumental to operations? By deploying Cascadence, our breakthrough IoT platform, Toumetis shows enterprises how to extract the value from this raw, untapped data, so they can continue to prosper in the turbulent environments of today and tomorrow.

Toumetis helps oil & gas operators move at the speed of data with our Cascadence solution which offers:

  • Machine learning using pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Algorithms easily customized to your specific machinery or processes
  • Intuitive user interface integrated with your workflows make it easy to use across the organization (production engineer, field engineer, domain expert)

VISAVI® LivePlan is real-time visualization of operations and dependencies of workflow for any complex industry.

Complex organizations have all invested heavily in work processes and software portfolios with ERP, planning, logistics, and control of work systems. LivePlan is not another such system. Its role is not to replace, but to create added value from these existing investments by connecting existing data and work processes from the entire organization in a revolutionary new manner.

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