Whitepaper: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems
14th December 2018

As the industry marches towards digitalisation cyber security in Oil and Gas is a topic that is becoming increasingly important. IoT technology, while offering significant opportunities for efficiencies and improvements, also leaves organisations vulnerable to digital threats. Not only that, as the technology matures the cyber security related threats themselves are evolving in their sophistication. It’s an issue that the industry cannot afford to ignore.

Our summit partners Darktrace Industrial have shared with us their recent cyber-security whitepaper. Below you will find a short extract together with a link to download the content (no annoying forms to fill in here!).


Industrial Control Systems (ICS) underpin individual businesses and the National Critical Infrastructure around the world. They maintain control of power stations and nuclear plants, water distribution systems, and manufacturing sites – and today, they are routinely targeted by cyber attackers looking to spy on, compromise and damage
those organizations.

Historically, industrial networks were kept separate from corporate networks, but significant efficiency gains and a broad trend for digital interconnectivity have driven a convergence between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems. Adoption of new control technologies, and the introduction of the Industrial
Internet of Things (IIoT) is also increasing the complexity and interconnectedness of traditional OT environments.

The business of cybersecurity has changed dramatically in the past few years, presenting a significant challenge to management teams across all industries and business domains. A report conducted by the Cybersecurity Research Group found that 67% of companies with critical infrastructure experienced at least one cyber-attack in the last year and 78% expected their ICS and SCADA systems to be exploited in the next two years.

“The threat landscape is evolving so fast, and threats are becoming so sophisticated. It’s becoming near impossible to keep up. Darktrace’s machine learning is clearly the way  forward.”
Ken Soh, Chief Information Officer, BH Global

DOWNLOAD HERE: Cyber-Security-for-Industrial-Control-Systems-A-New-Approach


Meet Darktrace Industrial at The Oil and Gas IoT Summit 2019
Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology at Darktrace Industrial is presenting a Cyber Security session: Implementing AI and Machine Learning to Support Real-time Monitoring and Decision Making

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